What We Do

The Institute for Insight is a unique, university-wide initiative to bring together students, researchers, local entrepreneurs and industry partners, to learn together, to build interesting research, and create innovative new ideas for improving business and society with data and analytics. Our interdisciplinary approach gives students the skills needed for dealing with the complex problems associated with big data. Students develop collaborative abilities as well as computational proficiencies, building a solid footing for careers in data analytics.

Institute students complete four semesters of intense training to earn a master’s in analytics. They take 26 hours of classes, including data programming for analytics, machine learning for analytics and econometric modeling for analytics. Students may also choose to be mentored by a senior expert in data analysis from an Atlanta company.

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We provide secure and advanced technology laboratories designed to create innovation in data analytics, generate discoveries and increase research output. Our lab is intended to facilitate collaboration so that students can learn from each other, from business professionals and from faculty. Generating and creating value with new ideas and insights from big data will allow us to provide better solutions to industry leaders and institutions.


Insight Sprints

These unique, collaborative engagements provide organizations with the opportunity to gain insight into a big data challenge.

Internship & Career Placement

Atlanta’s leading employers are using big data to fuel business growth, and they turn to the Institute for Insight for advice, project support, student interns and graduates.

Friday Labs

Every Friday speakers from various industries and backgrounds visit the lab to share ideas and help students build new skills.

Evening Lectures

Weekly lectures are delivered by mid-level to senior-level executives on emerging trends within the data science field.