Georgia State’s Institute for Insight is a collaborative community of graduate students, faculty members, researchers, entrepreneurs and industry partners, all focused on preparing students to walk confidently into the fast-changing world of big data analytics.

Students who enroll in the Institute for Insight come with curiosity about computer programming and modeling and with significant skills in higher math, including calculus and linear algebra. Some students hold bachelor’s degrees in computational subjects such as engineering, statistics, economics and computer science. Others may have earned degrees in life sciences and want to bring an analytic focus to those disciplines.

Faculty and researchers who participate in the institute bring their own expertise, research findings, experience and initiative to help students explore and solve real data issues. Faculty and researchers are depended upon to provide guidance, challenge assumptions, dissect problems, and ensure that students create management plans and bring solutions that will be valued by businesses.

Faculty and researchers gain their own learning through the process and identify opportunities to further enrich the knowledge of Robinson College students.