Research Projects

Our graduate research assistants conduct research projects led by Institute for Insight faculty.

Life Insurance Pricing

Led by New York Life Professor of Insurance Daniel Bauer, Department of Risk Management & Insurance

The students retrieve insurance price data from a quotation system for insurance agents and use it for economic analyses. The students’ first task is to implement applications that retrieve data from the quotation system and populate a database. In a second step, the students use the data to analyze the evolution of life insurance prices over time as well as their differences across states. The analyses will provide insights on the impact of changing economic environments and regulatory requirements on life insurance pricing.

Affordable Care Act Georgia Access and Affordability Project

Led by Regents Professor Martin Grace, Department of Risk Management & Insurance

Each health insurer operating in Georgia has to provide its rates for geographical areas for the types of plans it provides to the market. The State of Georgia asked us to build a database of the plans for the last three years and assess the typical rate increase for each type of plan at each benefit level. This data (several million records) was combined with census-level data for each zip code to assess affordability and access to care.

Corporate Governance Project

Led by assistant professor Wael Jabr, Department of Computer Information Systems, and assistant professor Matt DeAngelis, School of Accountancy

Many insights about companies are still locked in their SEC textual filings. This project implements the many advances in machine learning to make sense of the 10K, 8K and other filings that companies release on a regular basis to understand the companies’ perspective on the riskiness of their business environment, their outlook on performance, and the composition of their board membership to name a few.

Energy Analytics Project

Led by visiting assistant professor Javad Feizollahi, Institute for Insight

This project consists of two main components:

Smart Grid Demand Response
With the demand response, a portion of load in a peak time can be shifted to off-peak times. It reduces the need to use very expensive generating units at peak time. We are working on the smart and autonomous implementation of this method, which can be beneficial for the customers by lowering their monthly bill.
Integrating Renewables by Exploiting the Customers’ Flexibilities
Very high uncertainty and volatility in renewable (solar and wind) prevents their high penetration in the grid, despite their low operating cost and zero emission. By utilizing the flexibility of customers and the advances in computation and communication, supply uncertainty can be offset with demand flexibility. This facilitates integrating green and cheap electricity. Customers also can be incentivized in this plan.

Atlanta Real Estate Value and Visualization Project

Led by associate professor Vincent Yao, Department of Real Estate

We have negotiated to receive free data feeds of real estate listings and transactions in Georgia with three years of history and in real time from the FMLS (First Multiple Listing Service). Students are working to visualize the data in dynamic heat maps and market dashboards and also to develop models to provide the best estimates of market value to all properties in real time. This data is to be combined with detailed Census GIS information, school information, crime rate and other socio-economic information at very granular geographic boundaries. The application will provide useful updates and forecasts of housing markets in the area.